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Teaching discipline, hard work and giving glory to God.

Welcome to Conway Christian School, home of the Eagles. Through participation in athletics, our goal is to develop Christian character in our student athletes. We understand that competitive athletics provide a training ground for life in a challenging, competitive world. Participation in athletics exposes and molds students’ characters. Our athletics program takes that one step further by specifically structuring our programs to help students reflect the character of Christ.

In our athletic program, we teach that membership to a team is a privilege and carries with it great responsibility. Through athletics, we teach our students to face adversity and challenges with a steady eye, a courageous spirit and reliance upon the ultimate authority – Jesus Christ.

Conway Christian School is a member of the South Carolina Independent School Association SCISA Region III AA. The Eagles complete against other independent schools.

CCS has the following sports programs:

Fall Sports

  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
  • Football
  • Trap Shooting
  • Junior Varsity Volleyball
  • Varsity Volleyball

Winter Sports

  • Varsity Basketball (Boys and Girls)
  • Junior Varsity Basketball (Boys and Girls)
  • B-Team Basketball (Boys and Girls)
  • Cheerleading

Spring Sports

  • Varsity Baseball
  • Soccer (Boys and Girls)
  • Junior Varsity Girls Softball
  • Varsity Girls Softball
  • Trap Shooting

Athletic Booster Club:
The Athletic Booster Club is a major source of financial backing for Eagle sports. Monies raised through the Booster Club have purchased uniforms, equipment, and other needed gear for Athletics.