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The following statement, based upon the historic Christian view that the Scriptures were verbally inspired and without error in the original writings, is the basic doctrinal position on which Conway Christian School operates. Faculty members and administrators, while free to interpret Scripture on secondary doctrine with diverging views, must share a common acceptance of this basic statement of faith. Nothing contrary to this statement will be taught either in the classroom or in chapel services.

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God, the written record of His supernatural revelation, final in its content, and without any errors in its teaching.
  • All men in their natural state are lost, alienated from God, spiritually dead; "All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23)
  • Salvation is only by grace, a free gift of God, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins according to the Scriptures (Ephesians 2:8-9, I Corinthians 15:3) Those who receive Christ by faith have their sins forgiven (Ephesians 1:7), their hearts cleansed (Acts 15:9), are born of the Spirit, become children of God (John 1:12, 13), are made new creations in Christ (II Corinthians 5:17).
  • God is One God, Who reveals Himself in three Persons (the Trinity), Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, as the Scriptures affirm is the Son of God and the Son of Man, was born of a virgin, and is Himself very God. The Scriptures also declare the deity and personality of the Holy Spirit.
  • Our Lord Jesus rose from the dead in the same body that was laid to rest in the tomb (John 20:25-27). The bodies of all believers who die will be raised from the dead, and they will receive an incorruptible body like unto His glorious body (I Corinthians 15:53, Philippians 3:21). All other men shall be raised unto the "resurrection of judgment" (John 5:28-29).
  • Christians, born of the Spirit, are to live the new life in the present power of the Spirit. "If we live by the Spirit, by the Spirit let us also walk." (Galatians 5:16-25, Colossians 2:6). The Christian's responsibility and his normal attitude of life is to yield himself to God, trusting God to keep him (Romans 6:13, 12:1-2).
  • As Christians, we are instructed by God’s Word to show the love of Jesus Christ to all people, and to be faithful to Holy Scripture. In His Word, God celebrates the family (which He created even before His Church), and teaches that marriage is the exclusive union of one man and one woman (Genesis 2:18-24).  The Bible also teaches that God’s plan for the family intends for sexual intimacy to be a unique blessing that is reserved solely for husband and wife inside the bonds of their marriage (1 Corinthians 6:18, 7:2-5; Hebrews 13:4).  Scripture also teaches that God created human beings in His image, with the capacity for eternal life, and as distinctly male and female in conformity with their biological sex according to His sovereign plan of creation (Genesis 1:27).”And God saw everything that He had made, and behold,  it was very good,” (Genesis 1:31).
  • Christian "living" includes Christian service, the winning of souls around us, and the preaching of the Gospel unto the uttermost parts of the earth. In carrying on this work there is needed the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit which is granted to every believer as he yields and trusts (Acts 1:8, I Corinthians 12:7, Ephesians 3:20, Acts 5:32). And in all of this service, prayer is to have the central place (John 14:12-14, Ephesians 6:18-19).
  • Jesus Christ will come to earth a second time (Hebrews 9:28), personally (Acts 1:11, Colossians 2:9); visibly (Matthew 26:64, Revelations 1:7).